Should Donald Trump be held responsible for the January 6th riots?

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Should Donald Trump be held responsible for the January 6th riots?
No, He Held No Responsibility 61
Yes, He Should Be In Jail 44
Yes, He Was Partially Responsible 31



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11 months ago

Don felt the way anyone would feel, when losing something valuable, to an unfit adversary. He felt persecuted, and wronged. The people there were just reacting to his mood. He’s not responsible for their actions, at all!

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
10 months ago

I think at some point you just have to realize the guy is crazy. Sure he did some good things for the nation and I’m an independent so I really don’t care about the Democrat Republican bullshit but if you watched anything of the January 6th committee findings with all of the members of Trump’s staff and family better testified you’re a fool if you think he’s not responsible. If you answered that he is not responsible then you’re just ignorant I hope, because there’s no way you watch the minute of that proceeding and came away with a different resolution. That would make you an idiot, being ignorant is not insults it just means that you have no idea what you’re talking about. At some point you just have to say he’s not fit to be president and our commander-in-chief and defending the nation when he will not even defend his own vice president for crying out loud Donald comes first and Donald’s world it’s not you or me. And if you’re a Christian right person I am also Christian but I asked myself honestly with Jesus Christ vote for Donald Trump and the resulting answer is no

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